1: Real Weapons in WWE Discover the truth behind the real weapons used in WWE Raw and Smackdown. From steel chairs to sledgehammers, find out how these props are carefully choreographed for maximum impact.

2: Fake Weapons in WWE Uncover the secrets of fake weapons in WWE. Learn how trash cans and kendo sticks are designed to look brutal without causing serious harm to the wrestlers. It's all about the art of deception.

3: The Fine Line Explore the fine line between real and fake weapons in WWE. Discover how professional wrestlers navigate this boundary to entertain audiences while keeping themselves safe in the ring.

4: Safety First Safety is paramount in WWE when it comes to using weapons. Find out how wrestlers undergo rigorous training and rehearsals to ensure that every weapon spot is executed with precision and caution.

5: Behind the Scenes Go behind the scenes of WWE Raw and Smackdown to see how weapons are chosen, prepared, and incorporated into the matches. It's a carefully orchestrated dance of athleticism and showmanship.

6: Impact on Wrestlers Learn about the physical toll that using weapons can take on WWE wrestlers. Despite the choreography, accidents can happen, leading to injuries that impact their careers and overall well-being.

7: The Truth Revealed Get the inside scoop on the truth behind weapons in WWE. From the adrenaline rush of using props to the collaboration between wrestlers, discover the fascinating world of staged combat.

8: Fan Reactions Delve into fan reactions to weapons in WWE. Some love the drama and excitement, while others question the ethics of glorifying violence. It's a polarizing aspect of sports entertainment.

9: Evolution of Weaponry Witness how weapons have evolved in WWE over the years. From classic steel chairs to innovative props, see how the use of weapons has become an integral part of the spectacle that is professional wrestling.