1: "Get lean with these 8 free weight exercises for women. Boost metabolism and tone muscles with just a few minutes a day."

2: "Squat with overhead press, a full-body move that targets arms, shoulders, and legs. Burn calories and build strength at home."

3: "Lunges with bicep curls engage glutes, quads, and biceps. Define your lower body and tone arms simultaneously."

4: "Deadlift with row works back, shoulders, and hamstrings. Enhance posture and sculpt a strong, lean physique."

5: "Plank rows target back, abs, and arms. Improve core stability and define upper body muscles with this effective move."

6: "Russian twists with weight engage obliques and core. Enhance balance and strengthen abdominal muscles for a toned midsection."

7: "Bridge with chest press activates glutes, chest, and triceps. Shape your lower body and tighten arms with this compound exercise."

8: "Standing side crunch with weight tones obliques, arms, and shoulders. Sculpt a lean physique and define your waistline at home."

9: "Kettlebell swings build endurance, core strength, and target glutes. Increase power and burn calories with this dynamic exercise."