1: Exciting news! Check out the 5 new KDramas coming to Netflix in July 2024.

2: "Love in Paris" follows a Korean lawyer who navigates love and life in the City of Light.

3: Get ready for "Ghost Detective," a thrilling series about a detective who can communicate with spirits.

4: "High School Rivals" explores the drama and heartache of high school romance and competition.

5: In "Dreaming of Seoul," a young woman chases her dreams in the bustling city of Seoul.

6: "Melody of Love" follows a budding musician as she finds love and success in the music industry.

7: Don't miss "Secrets of the Past," a mystery drama about a woman uncovering her family's dark secrets.

8: "Lost in Translation" tells the story of a Korean translator navigating love and life in a foreign country.

9: With gripping plots and talented casts, these 5 new KDramas are a must-watch on Netflix in July 2024.