1: "1. Crash Landing on You: A heartwarming love story set in North Korea and South Korea."

2: "2. Itaewon Class: A gripping tale of revenge and redemption in a vibrant Seoul neighborhood."

3: "3. Vincenzo: A dark comedy about a mafia lawyer seeking justice in South Korea."

4: "4. Under Paris Hierarchy: Intriguing mystery surrounding a secret society in Paris."

5: "5. Sweet Tooth: A fantastical adventure following a half-deer, half-boy in a post-apocalyptic world."

6: "6. Kingdom: A thrilling zombie sage set in Korea's historical Joseon era."

7: "7. Mr. Sunshine: A captivating drama about a Korean boy who becomes a U.S. marine."

8: "8. The King: Eternal Monarch: A fantasy romance between a Korean emperor and a detective."

9: "9. Start-Up: An inspiring story of young entrepreneurs chasing their dreams in the tech industry."