1: Try flavorful Greek salad with feta for a light and refreshing side dish.

2: Whip up a batch of tangy tzatziki sauce to pair with fresh veggies.

3: Roast juicy cherry tomatoes with garlic and olive oil for a burst of flavor.

4: Savor a bowl of warm hummus topped with chopped cucumber and parsley.

5: Grill zesty lemon-garlic shrimp skewers for a protein-packed option.

6: Enjoy a plate of creamy baba ganoush made with roasted eggplant and tahini.

7: Pair crispy falafel balls with lemony tahini sauce for a satisfying meal.

8: Indulge in a bowl of tabbouleh salad with parsley, tomatoes, and bulgur.

9: Treat yourself to a sweet and savory fig and goat cheese bruschetta.